Help and Services Available for Disabled People

If you are person who is unable to carry the daily activities or you are dependent on someone at home, there are various services available for you that can help you. The disabled people can get assessment, advice and even guidance for choosing careers, getting employed, or even choosing the day to day normal services.

If you are a disabled person, it is likely that you are already registered disable but if you are not then it is important to contact the necessary organization’s to do so. You will be contacted to take an assessment and you might be offered services that are best for you. This also applies to a child who is disabled, it is important to have them registered then Families Information Service Hub can help get with necessary services.

What Services are available for young and adult disabled people?

The government of the UK is providing a wide range of support services to help young and adult people with disabilities develop independence and find out their hidden talents. With these services, they can bring changes to their lives, develop new skills and prosper just like the able people. Here are some of the training guides that disabled people can get to become independent:

  • Person centered planning and person centered reviews
  • Training for independent travelling
  • Assessment of skills and training
  • Mobile phone training
  • Community connecting and community mapping
  • Individualized support planning

The people who have a disability can be entitled to get a wide range of financial support, tax benefits, grants, concessions and payments. Depending on the circumstances, the disable person can get Industrial Injuries Benefit, Constant Attendance Allowance, Disability Living Allowance and Employment and Support Allowance.

Vehicles and transport

The person who is disabled can apply for exemption from paying for vehicle tax. They can get parking benefits in the form of the blue badge. They can receive their own disabled person bus pass and railcard. Through the Motability Scheme, they can get help in buying or leasing a car.

Home and housing

If a disabled person has been assessed by their local council for care and support services, then he can get help with home and housing assistance. Direct payments are given to let disabled people buy a house and arrange some help instead of getting involved with the social services. They can also get the Disabled Facilities Grants that can help them afford homes and continue living there. The ones who are on low income are entitled to get council tax reduction and even housing benefit from the local council.

People on low salary

If a disabled person is working on a low salary, they can get extra money through income support or working tax credit. They can also get travel assistance and special equipment.

There are occupational therapy professional and sensory impairment workers available who can offer the necessary assistance to disabled people. They can provide general guidance and help to the disabled for carrying out the normal activities of life. They can offer:

  • Equipment, rehabilitation and advice to the people with sensory impairment
  • Help is available for the people with visuals impairment
  • Assistance in major and minor adaptations to the environment
  • Tests grant aids and other referrals

Disable people can purchase equipment for vehicles and other adaptions through their Mobility Allowance or the Disability Living Allowance. Disabled people can get bathing aids, toilet aids, kitchen aids, and other self-care aids to manage to live independent lives.

There are some disabled people who wish to stay in their homes. However, there are many physical barriers that disabled people have to face when carrying out the normal day to day activities at their home. These people can get grants to pay for the home adaptations as well. This can be obtained through the Disabled Facilities Grant. The Tested Council grants £30,000 to assist a disabled person for the cost incurred in doing home adaptations just to access the normal facilities within the house. If the adaptations are meant for a child who is a minor, you will not have to contribute anything to the cost. This grant is readily available to the housing association tenants, private houses and council tenants. The work includes kitchen and bathroom adaptation, improvement in heating and lighting, door widening, stair lifts, ramps, improving the safety of the home for a people, reasonable accessibility to the garden etc.

With these and many more help and services, disabled people can live their lives conveniently without being dependent on others for a long time.